Song & Spell

When in the deep embrace of music’s power, we can find ourselves
within a separate realm, totally isolated from any other reality –
separate from all but the music itself.
This isolated musical reality, in today’s parlance,
could be called a unique personal “multi-verse”,
but hundreds of years ago, it would be called a “Spell.”

We have all experienced the “spells” that music puts on us –
from pulling over to the side of the road when transfixed by a new voice,
or the total immersion within a defining concert.
It brings adrenalin thrills and meditative calm.  It evokes
nationalism and spirituality, and leads social protest and progress.

But there’s another “spell” that music fosters that goes unaware
and unrecognized; one much more intense than all the other
peak experiences that music fosters.

For it was the songs of the troubadours that gave us romantic love,
more specifically, love-at-first-sight.

Love-at-first-sight, like all of music’s spells, creates a unique
time-space that alters our traditional experience of being here and now.
In love-at-first-sight it begins eye to eye, then envelops
into a total immersion of I and thou within a bonding of souls.
In love, everything changes – ourselves and the world.

To change everything is a rare power and gift.
It is a power imbued within music.

Have we yet realized the true potential power of music?
The troubadours brought a unique vision within their music
that created an unexpected civilizing phenomenon of love.

The Return of the Troubadour believes that music’s ultimate power
has yet to be realized. Perhaps…

Its time is now.


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