Music Can Change the World

An international music contest to resurrect the spirit of the Troubadour. A chance to change the world through music.

Our Music Contest is now over and the Winners have been announced. A massive thank you to everyone who took part and to everyone who voted. We are going to be dreaming up new ways to change the world through music so stay tuned. If you want to get involved drop us a line. In the meantime, keep those fires burning, and don’t forget that Music really can Change the World…

The Story

Music has always been a voice,
a voice of resonance –
sometimes softly,
sometimes tumultuously.

But always.

music needs to be not only a voice,
but a direction.
It is the only voice truly listened to;
the only one that impacts the world –
the pulse of the young.

Now more than ever,
we need music to give us a direction
born out of the freedom
wherein it emanates,
within the universality of its artists,
within their risk of going beyond
for change.

Like Troubadours of old,
who gave to humanity the gift
of romantic love,
so the modern Troubadour
can take us to a storied new beginning
full of possibilities.

And change.

As love gives a new beginning,
so today’s Troubadours can initiate
another such beginning.

To encourage this endeavor,
we initiate the international
Return of the Troubadour Music Competition
and invite you to be a part of it.

Together we can change the world.


Miles Davis


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A Chance to Change the World

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