Letter To The Artists

Below is the letter we mailed to approximately 150 creative artists. We are continually adding to this list and reaching out to more musicians and inspiring souls.

We’ve asked them if they would be interested in being a judge for our music contest.  We have also invited them to think of daring new ways to use their talents to broaden the concept of using art and music to bring people together.

Dear Artist, 

At this unique time in the history of our planet, we need to find common ground with all peoples of the earth. As “Playing for Change” so beautifully illustrates, music is a common ground where everyone can meet. We feel it is the musician, artist and creative soul who can help guide humanity’s vision for the future. These guiding principles should not be in the hands of our politicians and corporations.

Every community in the world knows in its heart how to live harmoniously, but those that wield power, or seek to acquire it, do not usually give precedence to the common good. We need a new paradigm of living to step into, and who better to help define this than the Troubadours of our time.

The Troubadours must rise again!

With music, art, and film used strategically and with single-minded purpose, we can create a powerful force for good. So our project, Return of the Troubadour, is asking you this simple question – are you interested in being part of an “influential minority committed to change”?

If so, please visit our website at www.returnofthetroubadour.com and have a look around. If you like what you see, consider spreading the word about Troubadour. Consider judging a music contest for amateur musicians, since this is part of our project. We’re looking for a new song to inspire humanity, and will launch the contest soon enough. There is already a $5,000 prize in place, but we’re looking to add to that, so we can add songs of different musical categories. These are a few ways you can help with our global music project.

We welcome you to e-mail or call us to share your ideas on the music contest and other artistic ways to awaken and inform humanity through Return of the Troubadour during this pivotal time in history.

And we hope you enjoy the enclosed original print that Marc Fishman painted as our signature piece for Troubadour.


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