Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen


American Friends Service Committee

Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Independent Media Center

Reporters Without Borders

Rolling Jubilee

UK Uncut

Veterans for Peace

Willie Nelson on Hemp and the Family Farm


A Knock At The Door (Durwaigh Gallery)

Bochicchio Photography
Children’s photography credit (Return of the Troubadour/Marc Fishman, Painter)

Durwaigh Gallery

Michael ‘Warble’ Finucane

Hedy Maimann

Mandalas – Spiritual Artwork by Paul Huessenstamm

Marc Fishman

Marcio Melo Art

Great Internet Radio

Coast To Coast

Flo Guitar Enthusiasts

Future Primitive

NightVision Radio

Red Ice Radio

Veritas Radio

Great Reading

The Cathar View

The Heretic Magazine

The Venus Blueprint

Interesting People, Places and Projects

Gloria Amendola

Lionel Fanthorpe

Mark Foster

John Lash – Metahistory


Musicians Without Borders

Playing for Change

Ani Williams


Kristen Graves, CT State Troubadour

The Kin

Ani Williams

Words of Wisdom

Pete Seeger


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